Dear Oboists,

Please contact me for prices on these wonderful Fox and Renard Oboes. Keep in mind that I include shipping in my price. Also, while the discount prices from some dealers may seem competitive to mine, I sell the options at a discount!

I've become a dealer for Roger Garrett Bassoon & Oboe Reed Cases! These gems are wooden cases of the highest quality. You may custom order them in various woods including cherry, mahogany, etc. Each case holds six reeds. Call me for a special price!


Fox Model 800
The new "flag ship" of Fox Oboes and is truly fantastic! The Model 800 places Fox in the very top echelon of oboe makers. Already the oboe has gotten enthusiastic reception from professional oboists in the U.S. Before you buy one of the famous named French instruments try a Model will be surprised.
Contact me today!

Fox Model 450
You know as well as I what the most serious problem is with a wooden oboe: cracking of the top joint. Thanks to its resin top joint, the 450 retains the attributes of an all grenadilla oboe while completely eliminating worry about cracking!

Fox Model 300
A wonderful all plastic resin oboe. It's a complete professional setup. There is not a better instrument at my price for schools!


Renard Model 330
This incredible oboe has been the top selling 'student' oboe for a couple decades. Its simplicity and reliability combine with a great feel and tone to make this a very special instrument. At my price there is no other oboe on the market that can touch it!

Renard Model 333
With their decision to add the left hand F key, Fox has launched the Model 333 into the market of the private buyer who's looking for economy and value in a wonderful instrument. Think seriously about this oboe if you're on a tight budget.


Fox Model 500
A Model 500 has been in the hands of the English Horn player in a top major symphony orchestra in the U.S. He's thrilled. Need I say more? Compare my price to the famous, French makers' instruments.

Fox Model 510
Same idea as the Model 450 Oboe. The resin top joint eliminates all worry. Otherwise this is identical to the 500.

Fox Model 520
A great instrument with a body completely of resin. Biggest bargain for any "pro" instrument.


Renard Model 555
Wow! Every oboist can now afford an English Horn, too! Be sure to place your order soon because these all resin instruments are selling like hotcakes.

Although the Fox and Renard Oboes and English Horns have not been around as long as those from the other side of the Atlantic, it's fair to say their reputations are stellar. Before you buy an oboe or English Horn, give me a call and let me give you my "pitch".

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you,
Michael Dicker
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