Any accessory item you see in the Fox Bassoon or Fox Oboe Accessory Catalogs is available through my service at discount prices! Contact me for the best prices on these Fox Accessories. And permit me to comment on a few, which are especially interesting.

Brand New!! The "Cooley" Dial Gauge
I am proud to offer this GREAT dial indicator gauge, created by the machinist father (George Cooley) of one of my students. This item is better than offerings at twice the price!

It is built with a stand that is well designed, solid, and durable. I am the exclusive agent for this device! Contact me today for more information.

I've become a dealer for Roger Garrett Bassoon & Oboe Reed Cases! These gems are wooden cases of the highest quality. You may custom order them in various woods including cherry, mahogany, etc. Each case holds six reeds. Call me for a Special Price!

Upgraded Nystrøm Profiler
The upgraded Nystrøm Single Drum Profiler is now available! It is designed for profiling bassoon and contrabassoon cane. Contact me for special pricing.

This is a first class machine developed over several years by Christer Nystrom, bassoonist with the Swedish National Symphony Orchestra. Christer offers an attachment which converts this machine for profiling bassoon cane!

Be sure to check with me on pric and trial of this machine before you buy a profiler.

Fox High Resonance Bells
High resonance bells are available for all the Fox wooden models. If you own a Fox that's over two years old, be sure to try one of these bells!

Latest Development:
the new "R2" design is being applied to all the Double Star professional Fox bocals. This new design of the pro bocals adds resonance and better response. These are available now.

Fox Products has been addressing the design and production development of bassoon bocals since I've been associated with them. Latest developments are exciting!

New! The *CTC* and *CTX* bocals. These are a thin walled version of the CVC and CVX bore double star bocals. They are available immediately!

The Double Star CVC and CVX bocals are very good. If you own a Renard which came with the basic "C" bocals, you must try a CVC, CTC, CTX, or CVX on your'll be amazed.

Fox started with a fresh page in designing the English Horn bocal. They've done such a wonderful job that within only a year these bocals are being played in major orchestras!

I'll be happy to send bocals on approval! And, I'll quote you the best prices (including shipping!) on any Fox Bocals.

Are you storing your beautiful oboe or bassoon in some junky case because you think a replacement case will cost an arm and a leg?! Not so! I'll be happy to quote you a great price on a wonderful case for your bassoon, oboe, or English Horn. The Fox cases have become the standard of the industry for both design and quality. Contact me for a great price!

I will block your new case to fit your instrument, no matter what the make.

Basic Equipment
You may be spending much too much unnecessarily. Do you really need a $75 knife to work on bassoon reeds. Why buy a cutting block when all you need is a one-inch slab of closet-pole sanded smooth? Do you buy one-ounce spools of #22 brass wire? If you would like advice on tools and equipment, I would be happy to steer you to the right suppliers or tell you how to make it yourself - in many cases you'll save a bundle!

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you,
Michael Dicker
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