Dear Bassoonists,

Please contact me for prices on these wonderful Fox and Renard Bassoons. Keep in mind that I include shipping in my price. Also, while the discount prices from some dealers may seem competitive to mine, I sell every option at a discount! This may make a significant difference in the final price.

I've performed on every Fox and Renard Model described below! I would enjoy sharing my thoughts and advising you.

Brand New!! The "Cooley" Dial Gauge
I am proud to offer this GREAT dial indicator gauge, created by the machinist father (George Cooley) of one of my students. This item is better than offerings at twice the price!

It is built with a stand that is well designed, solid, and durable. I am the exclusive agent for this device! Contact me today for more information.

I'm now a dealer for Christopher Weait Publications! Scale book offered - "Bassoon Scales for Reading" - Special Price! Contact me for further details.

I've also become a dealer for Roger Garrett Bassoon & Oboe Reed Cases! These gems are wooden cases of the highest quality. You may custom order them in various woods including cherry, mahogany, etc. Each case holds six reeds. Call me for a Special Price!


For Sale: Heckel Bassoon #8203. I am selling this as the agent for the 2nd owner! This is the "Mucetti" (world system) model. It is in wonderful condition and plays beautifully. Contact me for photos. If you are looking for an 8000 series, this is a terrific opportunity!

Fox "Arlen Fast" Contrabassoon
The "Arlen Fast" Model Fox Contrabassoon is now available! If you are considering the purchase of an exceptional instrument, be sure to confer with Arlen regarding his new contra design. I'll be pleased to put you in contact with him for details and for placing orders.

Fox Contrabassoon
The standard in the musical world today, it's played in the New York Philharmonic and many major orchestras in the United States. Be sure to order this with rollers for the C and Eb keys on the wing. I like the top vent spatula extending below the C# key.

Fox Model 660
Th Model 660 is a companion to the 601. The 660 is a short bore, thick walled instrument. It seems to appeal to a growing number of players and is competitively priced.
Contact me for my special price!

Fox Model 601
This fairly recent design from Fox has attracted the attention of bassoonists throughout the world. It plays much like (some think better than) the modern "thick walled" Heckels. Note: Beginning in January 2002 this model (all joints!) is being delivered with the high resonance wood treatment.

Fox Model 201
There is a renewed interest in this short bore bassoon. Many players who liked the seven and eight thousand series bassoons from Heckel have switched to the Model 201 and found happiness. Note: Beginning in January 2002 this model (all joints!) is being delivered with the high resonance wood treatment.

Fox Model II
Fox continues to offer this long bore design with its elegant, focused tone. The Model II is remarkably well in tune with itself over the entire range. It's very friendly and easy to play. Note: Beginning in January 2002 this model (all joints!) is being delivered with the high resonance wood treatment.

Fox Model III
From a distance of ten feet this bassoon looks exactly like a black, lacquered wooden instrument with silver plated keywork. It's actually a long bore similar to the II but with a polypropylene body. Have you tried one of these recently? This is a killer bassoon!!! At my discounted price, it may be the best value in the bassoon world.

Since September 2001 I've been performing on a Model III with a resonance wooden bell! The wooden bell takes the III to the top level of performance flexibility. I'm thrilled and would love to share my enthusiasm with all of you!

Fox Model IV
This is the "economy" version of the Model III. No metal bands. Nickel plated keywork is standard. But, it has the same playing qualities of the III. This is the ideal bassoon for schools. Pro players like the Model IV as a backup instrument for outdoor concerts and for touring. There is no competition for this quality and performance from any other maker. Those on a tight budget can afford top quality.

The factory offers a nearly endless selection of options for the Fox Models. I would be pleased to advise you as to which whisper key lock you might like or whether you will want a hand rest or C# trill key guard. If you have small hands, perhaps you would love the double wide little finger F# with roller.

I could keep listing options, but each player has special needs. Call or email me! Allow me to offer my advice and to quote the very best prices. Reserve yours now for July delivery!


Renard Model 240
This "Artist" short bore has created a sensation in the bassoon world since Fox introduced it in the United States a few years ago. At my price you can play beautifully without having to mortgage your house!

Renard Model 220
This "Artist" long bore has been the standard of the so called 'student bassoon world' for over 35 years for good reason.

Renard Model 222 "MD Edition"
This is my offering for an economical wooden bassoon. My special price includes everything you will find on the 240 or 220 except the high E key.

Renard Model 41
Similar to the Model IV but a bit more economical. I recommend the Model 41 be ordered with the high D key, whisper key lock, and Bb guard. It's a great bassoon at an amazing price!

The options list for the Renard is limited. You will still want to call or email me for some helpful recommendations.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you,
Michael Dicker
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